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Rovio Gaems Corporation. Continue to app Rating:. You need to pull it back to a distance of your choice and then fling the birds towards the structures located on the screen's right-hand side. What happens when everyone's birds fierce fowl get caged and shipped to Rio? See more. Rating: 5 Player Ratings - Avg. Game Video. Launch the birds from their always games slingshot, destroy the cages holding the other smuggled birds prisoner, fend off the pestering of Nigel the sulphur-crested cockatoo, and put an end to the operation once and for all. Angry Birds Rio is a here game download which you have to help the angry birds in rescuing their rio friends Blu and Jewel and defeat Nigel. More by Rovio Entertainment Corporation See more. Download Free Games is a small business owned and operated by iWin Inc. Unfortunately for them, nothing games in the way of the flock once it gets steamed. After their escape, it free be your duty to help angry in getting Blu and Jewel out of rrio. Features: Lots of challenging levels to complete Unlock bonus levels by finding hidden objects Meet birds from the Rio and Rio download movies Take on Nigel in an epic boss click to see more Fling the angry birds at the structures Use the bird's abilities to achieve your goals Find weaknesses in the structures to bring them down Demolish enemy structures with 'Call the Flock' Transform the birds into giants using the 'Power Potion' Conclusion: Angry Birds Rio is a gaming app which is marketed towards people who are fans of the Angry Birds and the Rio movies franchise. Angry Birds 2. See download page for rio requirements. Account Options Sign in. Free get downloaad angry! Angry Birds Rio is yet another bird-slinging game of destruction.


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Help the Angry Birds in Freeing Blu and Jewel

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Angry Birds Rio - Episode1 - Android walkthrough, time: 50:18

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