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Ive used goldfish to help my niece with math. On each person's turn, boldfish any play for a specific card rank. Baby Hazel Alien Friend. Get activity plans delivered to your inbox, every week! That will make a great party game for my sons gams party goldfish week! My kids love to share them…and eat them! I've please click for source done this with eggs instead of fish and golcfish shells instead of peaches. With best moments are sharing with with my stepdaughter in the summer time! My daughter was link at this activity with me. Pin With Play. The little ones love it! Another idea is to make the letters games the alphabet with them or name them with names that rhyme ir start with the different letters…. Games remember the little smiley face on them. Baby Hazel Pumpkin Party. They have such imaginations they possibilities are endless! We love the fun flavors goldfish goldfish, like the vanilla cupcake! I have three little boys that LOVE goldfish and will love these games too! Last school year, we ti into maps and countries of the world; this school year, he loves his math! I was at home and still had to take care of my 3 kids ages 6,4,4.


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